Marvel Comics reveals two new X-Men teams for the 'From the Ashes' storyline

The X-Men will rise from the ashes this summer with six new ongoing series. Among them are Phoenix, NYX, and X-Force. Each of them has an amazing creative team.
X-Men: From The Ashes | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
X-Men: From The Ashes | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

After the Marvel Comics storyline Fall of X is finished, the X-Men will begin a new chapter in their lives. Marvel has dubbed the new era From the Ashes. It’s an appropriate name considering how Fall of X will conclude. Their fight with Orchis, Nimrod, and Dominion has been their toughest battle. If you know mutants’ history, then you know how bold that statement is. 

Recently, Marvel Comics released a list of X-Titles and the creative teams for From the Ashes. Exceptional X-Men (writer Eve Ewing and artist Carmen Carnero), X-Men (Jed MacKay and Ryan Stegman), and Uncanny X-Men (Gail Simone and David Marquez) were the first three titles and creative teams to be announced. X-Factor, X-Force, Wolverine, NYX, Phoenix, and Storm are the others to be revealed. Of the six series, three more rosters and creative teams were just named. So far, everything continues to look great for X-Men fans.


The recent Guardians of the Galaxy writing team of  Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing bring their style to NYX and are joined by Avengers artist Francesco Mortarino. Collin Kelly and Jackson’s Guardians of the Galaxy started depressing but ended with happiness. Unfortunately, the NYX storyline may not have a lot of joy, especially with Kamala Khan involved.

"And returning Laura to NYX—while in a radically different context that centers her heroism over her victimhood—feels like the chance to really bring the character full circle and help her grow into the next phase of her life." -Jackson Lanzing

Kamala Khan's recent story of being a mutant (Ms. Marvel: Mutant Menace) could put her in an awkward position with her family. They'll accept her, but Kamala won't put them in danger. That could leave her on the streets If that happens, she could end up on the streets. 

Roster: Wolverine (Laura Kinney), Sophie Cuckoo, Anole, Prodigy, and Kamala Khan.


Phoenix Writer  Stephanie Phillips (Spider-Gwen: The Ghost Spider) explains the series perfectly in one sentence. She calls it “a cosmic ballet that shows how beautiful the Phoenix Force can be when working in tandem with Jean Grey,"

Even without the Phoenix Force, Jean Grey could be the most powerful being in the universe. Now they’ll be working together in adventures across the universe. There’s no way this won’t be an amazing series. 


This new take on X-Force is a great idea. Forge once mentioned that only Reed Richards can out-build him. It makes sense that he’d use that ability to build a team to fix the world.

Forge selects Sage, Betsy Braddock, Rachel Summers, Surge, and Tank as his main roster. However, according to, the series will have a revolving door of guest appearances. Up first is Deadpool. Knowing Wade Wilson’s history with the team, he should be the first guest to appear. 

Roster: Rachel Summers, Betsy Braddock, Sage, Surge, and Tank

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