Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and more important comic book news of the week

Wonder Woman remains unbroken, Superman is captured by Brainiac, Spider-Man has a major transformation and more important comic book moments.
Ultimate Black Panther #1 | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
Ultimate Black Panther #1 | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

Normally, new comic book news is broken into multiple articles. However, there are weeks when too much happens. This is one of those weeks. Most of the new comic books published this week (May 20- 24) had moments that need to be mentioned. Instead of multiple articles, I’ll give you the best of the week and why they were important. 


Comic book: Amazing Spider-Man No. 50

Marvel reported that the Green Goblin was returning in Amazing Spider-Man No. 50. They didn’t tell fans that there was more to that.

During Amazing Spider-Man No. 32, Peter Parker was affected by Norman’s sins. Osborn sins return (Amazing Spider-Man No. 35), but Osbron leaves some with them in Peter’s mind. In issue No. 50, Osborn brings them back out with a trigger phrase. Peter is now more Green Goblin than hero.

Writer: Zeb Wells

Gwen Stacy and the TVA

Comic book: Spider-Gwen: The Ghost Spider No. 1

Spider-Gwen has popped in and out of Earth-616 for years. Now it’s permanent. On top of that,  she’s being tracked by the TVA and O.B. is her handler.

O.B. told her that the terms of her relocation meant she couldn’t use her powers or let any of her friends know she was on their Earth. Of course, she immediately fails at that. This leads to her being attacked and stabbed by Kraven the Hunter.

Writer: Stephanie Phillips

Megatron escaped

Comic book: Cobra Commander No. 4, Energon Universe FCBD 2024 Special

During Cobra Commander No. 1, readers see that Cobra Commander has Megatron chained to a wall and being experimented on. He didn’t know Megatron wasn’t trapped. He was waiting for the right time to strike. That happens in issue No. 4.

Megatron escapes and kills a bunch of Cobra-La scientists and henchmen on his way out. He's likely looking for his Decepticons and his gun (Optimus Prime has it).

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Wonder Woman still isn’t broken

The Sovereign tried breaking Wonder Woman physically. He sent the U.S. Military and supervillains to defeat her and failed. He used the Lasso of Lies to break her mind (Issue No. 8) and was unsuccessful again. In Issue No. 9, he tried isolation.

The Sovereign left her alone in a dungeon for months without food or companionship. He assumed that would break her. When the Sovereign checked on her, he couldn’t believe what he saw. She was far from broken. Wonder Woman looked at him and said, “All right, old Man. What is next?”

Comic book: Wonder Woman No. 9

T’Challa and Miles are Vampires

Comic book: Blood Hunt No. 2

Marvel promised that Blood Hunt would turn major characters into vampires and they made good on that. Stephen Strange was turned during Doctor Strange No. 15. Blood Hunt No. 2 revealed that T’Challa was turned too (I called it). That wasn’t the end.

The last page shows that Blade made Miles Morales a vampire as well. That must have happened behind the scenes during Blood Hunt No. 1. There should be an explanation of how in Miles Morales Spider-Man No. 21.

Writer: Jed MacKay

Raven's Titans

Comic book: Titans No. 11

Trigon voiced his concerns to Amanda Waller about Raven’s demon side. He believes the Titans could steer her away from her destiny. Trigon may have been right.

During Titans No. 11, the heroes are beaten by a version of Amazo named Vandia (sent by Amanda Waller). After taking a brutal attack “Raven” retreats to another dimension. After healing she says, “I will not allow harm to come to my Titans.”

Things may not be what they seem. Maybe being with the Titans is changing her, the true Raven’s influence is taking over, or she wants to kill the Titans herself. Regardless, Dick Grayson knows something is wrong. It’s good he partitioned part of his mind. Now he has a way of thinking without Raven’s telepathy interfering. It's the only way to figure out what’s happening.

Queen Brainiac

Comic book: Superman No. 14

DC Comics teased the arrival of the Brainiac Queen for weeks and her arrival was not disappointing. Superman and his family are used to power the machine that brings Queen Brainiac to life. The Super Family screams in pain as they’re drained and electrocuted, but the horror doesn’t stop there.

Readers discover why Brainiac brought the Czarnians to help him. Their immortality was used to give Queen Brainiac more power. Unlike Superman’s family, a machine wasn’t needed. She took their power by eating them.

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Ultimate Black Panther his circle of trust

Comic book: Ultimate Black Panther No. 4

Hickman’s Ultimate universe is already miles ahead of its predecessor. Instead of using shocking moments to draw people in, the new creators are still changing the characters, but focusing on interesting stories. In this case, we have Black Panther.

T’Challa, Shuri, and Okoye discover traitors within the Dora Milaje who want the city to fall. With no one to trust, T’Challa has no choice but to create an Illuminati. It consists of Killmonger, Storm, Shuri, and his wife Okoye. While that seems great, we can bet someone within that group is a traitor. They may not even know it.

Writer: Bryan Edward Hill

Dick Grayson’s downfall begins

Comic book: Nightwing No. 114

Tom Taylor has been teasing the fall of Dick Grayson for months. The first step happened and it’s more devastating than anyone could think. Heartless doesn’t beat Dick physically, he ruins his reputation.

A reporter shows pictures of him and Barbara Gordon talking with known criminal Blockbuster. What’s worse is millions of Blockbuster’s dollars were transferred to the Pennyworth Foundation. What’s scary is this is only step one.

This is only part of the problem. Nightwing is currently in the mountains with his dog. We don’t know what happened for him to take his hiatus and his absence doesn’t only affect him. Barbara Gordon and the Titans will take a hit as well.

Furthermore, DC Comics’ heroes will need all the help they can get during the DC Comics event Absolute Power. In a world with no meta-abilities, heroes like Dick Grayson will be the key to fighting back.

Writer: Tom Taylor

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