EXCLUSIVE: The Acolyte's Amy Tsang talks LA weather, Star Wars, and what she'd name her own lightsaber

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with the delightful Amy Tsang about her role in the series and some fun behind-the-scenes moments.
Launch Of Disney+ And Lucasfilm New TV Series "The Acolyte"
Launch Of Disney+ And Lucasfilm New TV Series "The Acolyte" / Jon Kopaloff/GettyImages

Hello, fellow Star Wars fans! It is indeed another Tuesday, which means more The Acolyte action will be coming our way tonight.

But, before we get into some more lightsaber action and Jedi drama, let us highlight Amy Tsang, the talent behind Ensign Rane from the witch coven that perished back on Bendock, the same coven Osha and Mae left behind as they went on their own journeys following that tragic night.

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with the delightful Amy Tsang about her role in the series and some fun behind-the-scenes moments.

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Camila Domingues, BSP: Good morning, Amy! How are you today?

Amy Tsang: Hi, Camila! I'm doing good, how are you? Good morning.

Doing great. Sorry. I feel like I have a frog in my throat. I have to keep clearing it.

Oh, no problem. Like, I had that for the past few days. I don't know what's going on. It's probably the weather. It was dry. You're in LA, right?

No. I'm up in New York.

Oh, you're in New York? Yeah. It's bad weather over there too.

Oh, yes. It's allergy central. Well, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today about The Acolyte.

Of course, happy to be here!

I, for one, am absolutely loving The Acolyte. What was your reaction when you found out you were cast? Did you have a pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming moment?

I was in shock! I didn't think I would get it. From my audition to when I heard back, it was three months. I forgot about it, to be honest. Getting the audition was already a huge deal for me. I never thought I would be part of Star Wars. It's like a dream come true!

That's amazing! Were you a Star Wars fan before getting cast?

I have so many good friends who are huge Star Wars fans, but I myself never got into it. It's such a huge world, and I kind of shy away from jumping into things late in the game. But I had to dive in and learn about all the storylines and characters for the role. I totally get why people love it now!

Can you tell us a little bit about your character in The Acolyte?

Sure! I play Ensign Rane. She's a councilwoman in the coven of Mother Aniseya on Bendock. She watches over the witch twins, Mae and Osha, and is very protective of her coven.

How did you prepare for your role as Ensign Maine?

I worked with a movement coach named Alex Reynolds, who is amazing. She had me do things like walk through a park in winter to connect with nature and develop a wide peripheral vision. It was all about getting into the body of the character. The costumes also helped a lot, and I created a playlist to get into the mindset while driving to set every day.

Do you have any fun or memorable behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

Oh, absolutely! It was one of our last days on set. We weren't allowed to pull out our phones, like, we had to leave it in our trailers and we were going to take pictures with a production phone, and Jodie Turner-Smith, who plays Mother Aniseya, pulled it out and made a TikTok video with all of us in our witch costumes doing a hip dance. It was so much fun and brought everyone together. I don't know if they'll ever release it, but it was a blast!

Oh my gosh, that sounds amazing. I'd love to see that! I'm so excited to see more witches in Star Wars. How does it feel to be part of that representation?

It's awesome! I love seeing more witches than just the Nightsisters. It's cool to see different characters and perspectives being represented. And twins! I read that you have twins. How do you three feel about twins being represented on screen?

And, at that moment, I become the interviewee for a hot second.

I love it! My twins are identical yet very different from each other, like Mae and Osha. It's so cool to see that dynamic on screen. They've been watching The Acolyte with me and totally identified with the characters.

That's so sweet! I'm glad they love it.

Being in The Acolyte, have you watched any of the Star Wars movies or shows now?

Oh, yeah. Disney Plus has everything in chronological order, which makes it easy to follow. I watched the first three movies, some of The Mandalorian, and Andor. It was less daunting than I thought it would be.

Andor is my favorite! My last question for you: If you could have a lightsaber in real life, what color would it be, and what would you name it?

Name it? Oh, wow. People name their lightsabers?

Well, I do. (insert awkward nerdy laugh here) Okay, so on top of being a huge Star Wars nerd, I also do Ludosport, where we do lightsaber combat. So, like, I have my own saber and we have a habit of naming our sabers in the sport.

Oh my gosh. They have stuff like that around LA, my friend talks about that because he goes to those, like, those lightsaber, um, choreography classes. So cool. Like yeah, stuff like that is huge in California. What color is yours? What did you name yours?

Funnily enough, yet to nobody's surprise, mine is red and it is named after a character from Ahsoka - Shin Hati. She's the Dark Side apprentice in the series and I love her to pieces, so I figured I'd name my saber after her.

Oh, wow. You know, I think mine would definitely be red, and I'd name it Scarlet. Simple and to the point!

That's awesome, I like it! Well, Amy, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me about The Acolyte today. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I can't wait too. I'm finding out along with you guys. They've been very secretive. So I mean, I'm like, woah.

And there you have it, folks: Amy Tsang is delightful and we can't wait to see more of her character in The Acolyte. Don't forget to tune in to Disney+ tonight at 9pm ET for the next episode of Star Wars: The Acolyte.

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