John Boyega replaces Jonathan Majors as Kang in stunning fan art

With Jonathan Majors' time as Kang over, fan casting has begun and it's easy to see why fans want John Boyega to replace Majors in the MCU.

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It’s quite an interesting time to be a Marvel fan as there has never been so much uncertainty about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Marvel has been working to build Kang up as the next Thanos with Jonathan Majors poised to play a major role in the MCU with the events of the current phases building to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. However, that plan has gone out the window now that Majors has been fired by Marvel Studios after being found guilty of misdemeanor assault and harassment.

With Majors out, there has been a lot of speculation regarding what the future will hold for Marvel now that Majors has been fired. Rumors are swirling about the many routes Marvel might take now that Majors has been let go with many speculating about the prospect of the role being recast or with Marvel making a hard pivot to another antagonist entirely.

Fans think Marvel should recast Kang

For many Marvel fans, the easiest solution to Marvel's Kang problem is to simply recast the character which is actually not a bad idea.

The biggest thread in Kang's storyline has been the threat he and his variants hold. We've met several of these variants already and while they all have been played by Majors, who says all of the Kang variants have to look alike?

Recasting the character is something that could easily be done as Marvel could bring in a new actor, or even new actors, to play Kang variants. This could allow them to continue down the path they've ventured down without Majors.

Fans have already begun tossing around names of actors who would be perfect to replace Majors as Kang with several actors being discussed on social media and in Marvel forums. Among the names that have been circulating frequently in conversation is Star Wars alum John Boyega, who the internet feels could be a perfect selection to take on the role of Kang. Honestly, we can't argue with them!

John Boyega stuns as Kang in fan art recast

With speculation growing over the possibility of Kang being recast in the MCU, digital artist Agt Design has debuted a stunning piece of fan art which offers fans the chance to see what Boyega could look like in the role of Kang.

In the jaw-dropping new art, Boyega replaces Majors' Kang on a concept poster for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. The poster beautifully imagines Boyega in the role of Kang, complete with his signature green and purple suit and his facial scar. It's honestly chilling to see Boyega depicted as Kang and the concept art showcases just why so many fans want to see him take on the role.

Not only does Boyega favor Majors, but we know he has the acting prowess needed to bring such a captivating and layered character to life on the screen. He'd be a perfect addition to the MCU and would absolutely be able to hold his own against the top names within the MCU who Kang is primed to face off against.

It's honestly shocking that Boyega hasn't already joined the MCU and bringing him into the fold via a recast as Kang would be an exciting way to finally make that happen.

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