Marvel Comics: Miles Morales' enemies are teaming up

Marvel Comics Gang War is over, the anti-hero law was abolished, but things are worse for Miles Morales.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: GANG WAR | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: GANG WAR | Official Trailer | Marvel Comics / Marvel Entertainment

During the Marvel Comics event Devil’s Reign, Wilson Fisk had a law passed that banned superheroes in New York. After losing the war and his seat as mayor, the law remained. A lot of readers thought Luke Cage would appeal the law. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. The Cape Killers were still tasked with taking down superhero threats.

When the gang war started, New Yorkers' eyes were opened. They saw that the superhero community helped keep the city safe. After the citizens and the NYPD backed the heroes, the law was repealed. That was good news to most people in New York, but the Cape Killers' leader Agent Gao leader wasn’t happy.

With the Cape Killers no longer needed, Luke Cage told Agent Gao she'd be transferred. Gao assumed that this was Luke Cage looking to pad his approval rating. Despite that not being true, Gao decided she wasn’t done. She felt that New York needed protection from everyone with superpowers. That includes the heroes.

Gao gets information from her former employee (and career criminal) Mac Gargan (the Scorpion). After finding out what she needs, he laughs. Gargan says things must be bad if she’d make a deal with the Devil. Gao says she’d make a deal with the Devil if it meant keeping New York safe. She wasn’t far off. The final page of Miles Morales: Spider-Man No. 17 shows Agent Gao going to Miles’ newest enemy Raneem Rashad (aka Rabble) for help. 

Why teaming with Rabble is a bad idea

Raneem Rashad has a vendetta against Miles Morales. She believes that Miles isn’t appreciative of the gifts he’s received. Among them is being enrolled in Brooklyn Visions Academy. Raneem feels that Miles has squandered an opportunity that should have been hers. She’s become so obsessed with revenge that she’s done unspeakable things.

So far, she’s sold tech to dangerous criminals (Miles Morales Spider-Man Annual No. 1 2024), joined Madame Masque during Gang War, and tried to kill Miles Morales’ parents and baby sister (Miles Morales Spider-Man No 4). With Agent Gao by her side, it’s going to get worse.

Gao has connections, access to superior technology, and dedicated followers. All of this will lead to big trouble for Spider-Man. Thankfully, Miles isn’t alone. He has Misty Knight, Tiana Toomes (Starling), Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), and Shift (his clone) watching his back. However, he's hoping they aren't needed.

During Cody Ziglar’s run of Miles Morales Spider-Man, Miles received lessons from Misty Knight. This has led to him thinking instead of reacting. That's why he hopes a conversation with Raneem will solve their problem. As unlikely as that is, it would be a nice change.

Lastly, Agent Gao knows Rabble is dangerous, but doesn’t care. Her tunnel vision won’t allow her to see the truth. However, Agent Gao will be slapped by reality quickly. Rabble is willing to do deplorable things to get revenge. That includes using Agent Gao, putting innocent people in danger, and destroying New York. When that happens, Julia Gao will be forced to stop Rabble. Regrettably, it could cost Gao her job and maybe her life. The smart bet is on the latter.

Stay tuned to Bam Smack Pow to find out how this ends.

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