New Batman actor revealed; major star to play DC hero next

DC's upcoming Batman project has just revealed which actor will be the next to bring The Dark Knight to life.
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It's an exciting time to be a Batman fan. Not only is Robert Pattinson playing The Dark Knight on the silver screen once again in The Batman - Part II, but the character is set to join James Gunn and Peter Safran's DC Universe franchise, which shares continuity with the likes of the upcoming Superman and Supergirl movies. What's even more exciting is that the character will return to the one medium that has provided him with some of his greatest adventures: Animated television.

Batman: Caped Crusader is coming to Prime Video this summer and it is set to bring the DC hero's story to life in a way we haven't seen before. While it has been described as a spiritual successor to Batman: The Animated Series, it will be even darker than the critically-acclaimed show, opting for even more of a noir feel.

Other than that, not much else is known about the series. Well, until a recent teaser confirmed the cast, revealing which actor will be adding himself to a long line of legendary Batman actors.

Hamish Linklater to voice Batman in Prime Video's Caped Crusader

Hamish Linklater has officially been cast as Batman and Bruce Wayne in Prime Video's animated series Batman: Caped Crusader. The announcement came in the form of a short teaser which revealed each member of the cast. The narrator then confirmed that Linklater would voice the title character before the star revealed himself to be the narrator, closing out the video with the iconic "I am Batman" line.

Linklater is a veteran of film and television, having appeared in the likes of The New Adventures of Old Christine, The Crazy Ones, and Fargo. He also played Abraham Lincoln in miniseries Manhunt, and he recently reached a worldwide audience via his critically-acclaimed role as Father Paul in Netflix series Midnight Mass. He's also no stranger to superhero properties, having appeared in 2005's Fantastic Four as well as playing a major role in FX's Legion. He'll also star in season 2 of The Boys spinoff Gen V.

As the teaser (which was shared via Prime Video's social platforms) reveals, the star will be joined in Batman: Caped Crusader by Mckenna Grace, Toby Stephens, Reid Scott, Dan Donohue, Gary Anthony Williams, Jason Watkins, John DiMaggio, Krystal Joy Brown, Michelle C. Bonilla, Eric Morgan Stuart, Tom Kenny, Minnie Driver, Diedrich Bader, Jamie Chung and Christina Ricci.

While the trailer itself didn't give away who is playing which character, Vanity Fair have since confirmed that Ricci will voice Catwoman, while Chung voices Harley Quinn and Bader plays Two-Face. All are fantastic actors who will no doubt produce performances worthy of their legendary characters.

Needless to say, Bat-fans are extremely excited that things are happening for this show, because once upon a time it felt like they weren't going to.

Batman: Caped Crusader rises from the ashes

Batman: Caped Crusader is one of the few remaining DC properties greenlit by the previous Warner Bros. management but it hasn't survived the infamous DC culling of 2022 unscathed. With DC Studios hoping to launch its own single, cohesive shared universe, a number of ongoing DC TV shows were cancelled to make way for that.

Caped Crusader was initially planned for WarnerMedia streamer Max until the new leaders at Warner Bros. Discovery decided against it. Thankfully, Prime Video swooped in to save the day. It has a two-season order with the streamer.

Batman: Caped Crusader - First Look
Batman: Caped Crusader - First Look - credit: Courtesy of Prime /

The series comes from the creative minds of J.J. Abrams, The Batman's Matt Reeves and Batman: The Animated Series' Bruce Timm and seeks to tell a more classic noir story for The Dark Knight. It's sure to be a gripping affair, particularly because of its more mature tone. It will also see the character go up against many of his iconic villains, including The Penguin, Harley Quinn, the Scarecrow, Two-Face, Clayface, and Catwoman.

Expectations for Batman: Caped Crusader are high, and not just because it's Batman we're talking about here. The Dark Knight's history with animated shows is second to none, with the original Batman: The Animated Series spawning the iconic DC Animated Universe. Since then, he has headlined multiple other acclaimed shows, including Batman Beyond, The Batman, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Batman: Caped Crusader premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday, August 1.

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