Amazing Spider-Man franchise won’t show Venom until standalone film


Venom from Spider-Man 3

Those of hoping to get a glimpse of the Venom symbiote, Eddie Brock, black goo or anything resembling or hinting at Venom in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 might end up sorely disappointed walking out of the cinema screens having heard only a vague reference to the symbiote.

We’re two films in and we have barely seen the Daily Bugle, Eddie Brock is a ghost, and the symbiote exists in nothing more than the wishes of the fans who, like me, would have eagerly poured over every second of footage from the film trying to find anything that would indicate a symbiote appearance, even the much discussed cameo of Cletus Kasady didn’t happen.

However it seems that despite the leaked footage and several released hints of a Venom symbiote appearance (some by the studio and director themselves) we won’t be getting any glimpses of the Venom symbiote until the already announced standalone origin film for the black-suited character.

So, here’s a snippet of an interview from with Spider-Man producer Matt Tolmach discussing the Venom film and seemingly putting paid to any rumours that we’ll be seeing Venom before his own standalone movie.

"Matthew Tolmach: The beginning of [Venom] is going to be the beginning of that movie…Matthew Tolmach: It’s a little bit of a spoiler to know at what moment you’ll first see him, because as you know we’re very actively making three more movies, but all at the same time. The fun of that for us, and the audience, is going to be who shows up when and where. Do we establish someone first, do you see them in their own origin – that’s what we’re playing with. Having said that, he’s such a complicated, important character, we feel he absolutely deserves his own movie.WGTC: So we’re really going to get our first bite of Venom in his stand-alone origin film?Matthew Tolmach: Our first big one, yeah."

So there we go. Obviously Tolmach has been a bit coy and left things open for Venom to appear or at least Eddie Brock or something symbiote related but I think it’s sufficient to say we’ll have to wait until the standalone movie for a first-look. Although Sony have reportedly already got actors in mind for both Venom and Carnage, so that’s kind of a first look isn’t it.

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