Amazing Spider-Man 2 gameplay walkthrough diary: Day 4


Hunting for Doctor Octopus’ arms, saving retired cops and Kraven’s hunting for you

So, I’ve just beaten my first boss and first iconic Spider-Man villain with Shocker after Herman Schultz and his gang raided Oscorp and stole SHCR technology. However Spider-Man steals some of the tech saying that it’d be useful if he could adapt it to his web-shooters. I guess an upgrade and new combat ability is imminent.

But before we get to that we get treated to a cut-scene introducing two more iconic Spider-Man characters Harry Osborn and Wilson Fisk. It appears the two are in partnership in order to prevent crime targeting Oscorp and they’ve introduced a Task Force that will roam the streets and target organised crime.

Once the cut-scenes over we get a new ability by holding down O (PS3,PS4) which releases a concussive blast that stuns enemies and knocks them flying. I immediately rushed to try and test my new skill out but I’m then notified that the Task Force will target me if my Hero/Menace bar is leaning towards the Menace side. So this is clearly the incentive to tackle petty crimes and rescue civilians from burning buildings. Luckily that’s what I wanted to do anyway.

I will add that before I carried on with the main game I realised that as well as the Oscorp sign photo-misison from J.Jonah Jameson I had missed another one whilst inside Oscorp. So I went back to Aunt May’s house and replayed the mission, I got the Oscorp sign and then played through the mission looking for something alluding to Doctor Octopus.  In the room with the nuclear reactor melting down there are four robotic arms in a smaller inaccessible side room behind some glass, snap those pics and Jameson is happy.

Right, back to the main storyline, I need to take on some side-missions to get the task force off my back as I am currently in the ‘Menace’ section. To be honest they weren’t really much of a problem, although I didn’t really run into them all that much. Your spider-sense does go off if they get too close but that’s about it.

The first side mission I did was a new one that I hadn’t done before. A ‘Rescue Civilian’, there was a man who told me he was a retired cop stuck under a train. After a lengthy time trying to figure out what to do I discovered that you had to find the end of the train, web-pull it, and then pick the civilian up and carry them to a nearby hospital. Job done.

I then did a ‘Car Chase’, which was similar to the one in the main storyline with Carradine and a ‘Fire’ with three people trapped on a building. It was only during the ‘Fire’ mission that I realised how silly it is that Spider-Man can fall from literally any height and be absolutely fine when he lands, even when he’s carrying someone. This was all well and good but I still hadn’t properly tested out those shock-gauntlets.

Luckily there was plenty of Petty Crime happening and plenty of thugs to beat up, I took on three different ‘Petty Crime’ side missions and all I have to say is that the shock gauntlets are pretty cool, it’s quite funny seeing Spider-Man ruthlessly blasting a trio of carjackers away. I am starting to feel that the side-missions are a tad too easy now though.

Nevertheless I embarked on one more ‘Rescue Civilian’ mission before heading towards the main-storyline destination, this time there was a guy trapped on a boat who also happened to be a retired cop. Come on Beenox give your characters varied speech, it’s like you think Spidey will only rescue civilians if they’re retired cops. Anyway, I rescued him, took him to a hospital and carried on my merry way to Central Park.

When I got there I saw three thugs and had to fight them, annoying one of them got away. However when Spidey webs over to stop him he sees that the perp has already been apprehended and there’s a note for Spider-Man. The note is from Kraven the Hunter and he wants to meet-up. But first there’s a gun-battle seige at the bus-station.

The gun battle at the bus-stop must have been really long because I took it upon myself to do all of the side-missions before I got there. To my surprise when I did get there no-one was dead and all of the police and all of the bad-guys were still shooting at eachother from different sides of a bus. After some Spidey-stealth and witty one-liners all of the bad-guys have been dealth with.

Except wait! Some huge guy jumps over one of the busses, lands with an earth-shattering thud and basically looks really big and mean. This is a new basic enemy type called a Brute, and it turns out they can only be beaten by stunning them with the seismic blast and then beating the holy hell out of them. I personally consider this lucky, if Herman Schultz hadn’t of broken into Oscorp and stolen them in the first place that big brute would have been impossible to stop.

Kraven the Hunter then appears and offers Spider-Man some hunting advice, saying he can make him a much better predator. Spider-Man calls him a reality show star (which is some versions of the Spider-Man universe he is, although he’s still Russian and not Australian). Kraven then tells you to think about the offer of a partnership and goes off on his merry way.

And I stopped playing and went off on my merry way to real life as well.

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