Ultron Calls Out The Avengers In New Age Of Ultron TV Spot


For any of you who have been avoiding all Avengers: Age of Ultron teasers and trailers for fear of spoiling the movie, I think I’ve found one that you could safely watched if you were so inclined.

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The most recent TV spot is here, and it’s probably the least spoilery (that’s a word, right?) one yet. Ultron want to fight the Avengers, which I don’t think is big news. They go fight him. Also not very surprising.

My favorite moment here is Nick Fury talking to Captain America and Tony Stark. When Cap asks what Tony is going to do, Nick’s response is, “Something dramatic, I hope.”

As a longtime fan, I also enjoyed Ultron’s final quote: “When the dust settles, the only thing living in this world will be me.” Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe Ultron isn’t exactly the same as his comics counterpart, it’s nice to know that his nihilistic viewpoint on all life remains intact.

Well, as nice as a robot trying to wipe out all of humanity can be, I guess. For those who have been eagerly lapping up any glimpse of Age of Ultron that Marvel gives us, there isn’t much, if anything in this spot you haven’t seen, but it should still serve as a reminder that May 1 is coming up fast. And that’s pretty sweet.

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