Opening Day: Justice League vs. The Legion Of Doom


Today is what some think should be a national holiday, Opening Day for Major League Baseball, featuring the first games of the baseball season. Now granted, yours truly knows jack about Baseball, but Opening Day seems like the perfect day to show off this rather bizarre clip from the Batman: The Brave & Bold cartoon show.

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From the third season episode, “Triumvirate of Terror!”, the Justice League takes on the Legion of Doom in a baseball game (just in the teaser opening, it’s not actually the story of the episode). I’m sure that’s what archenemies who usually try to beat up each other do all the time, play a friendly game of baseball (also Brave & The Bold was a wonderfully weird and campy show). We come in near the end of the game, where the Legion of Doom is up by three runs. Can the Justice League come from behind to pull out a victory? Well duh (after a rousing speech from Batman), but it’s still fun (and a little weird) to watch:

Hope everyone is enjoying opening day. Go local sports team!

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