Batman: The Animated Series Now Available on Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime is one of many, many streaming options you have out there. It does have a couple distinct advantages over some other services however. In addition to original programming and free two day shipping, Amazon Prime now offers for free one of the greatest TV shows of all time!

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Batman: The Animated series has all 4 seasons now available on Amazon Prime. Even if you aren’t a member, you can check out the first episode for absolutely free. If for some reason you haven’t checked it out yet, I can say without hyperbole that it is easily one of the best shows of the last 20 years, animated or otherwise. It brought depth to so many characters that lacked it and even brought us new characters that became long time fan favorites. I’m not going to go ahead and suggest that if you don’t already have Amazon Prime, it’s worth signing up for this one show alone. But if you were seriously considering it, having instant streaming access to Batman: The Animated series, which isn’t available on Netflix or Hulu, would definitely turn a maybe into a yes.

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