New Deal Means Civil War, More Marvel Films Will Show In Imax


Even in a day and age when everyone seems to have a flatscreen in their homes as large as the movie screens of my youth, some films still cry out to be experienced in movie theaters. That sensation of seeing something larger than life is even more pronounced if you watch them in an Imax theater, and while it seems impossible that they wouldn’t be screened there, it was just this week that the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Imax was locked up.

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Variety reports that Imax and Disney have renewed their agreement, ensuring that the next wave of MCU films will be available on Imax screens. The new extension will kick in for Captain America: Civil War and runs through 2017, meaning that Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Thor: Ragnarok will all be covered as well.

The piece also mentions that it’s a smart move since comics fans are exactly the kind of folks who will pay extra to see these movies on even bigger screens:

"It’s good news for Imax, because many of these productions attract passionate fanboy crowds who typically don’t mind shelling out more for a premium theatrical experience."

Go big or go home, right? There’s no guarantee that any of these movies will film with Imax in mind — none of the MCU movies so far have any sequences shot with the special Imax cameras, to my knowledge — but they still look pretty awesome in these special theaters.

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