Five Reasons Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Will Succeed

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Reason 1: The Visual Flare of Zack Snyder

Say what you want about Zack Snyder’s past endeavors in film, but you have to admit that the man’s got a very unique style.  Like his fellow Art Center College of Design alumnus Michael Bay, Snyder’s films have a signature look which lends itself very well to comics-based properties.

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When Man of Steel (2013) was being filmed, many people were afraid that Snyder would use his slow-motion style too much.  The film’s story may not have been all that great, but the battle scenes were excellent.  No slow-motion whatsoever.  Superman and the Kryptonians were visualized with their powers perfectly.  Snyder knows how to make a great superhero film.  Another example to point to would be Watchmen (2009).  It’s the comic book come to life.

Looking at the recently released trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we can see that Snyder does use some slow-motion (e.g. when Superman is lifting the rocket).  However, it looks great and I can’t see that shot being filmed any other way.  It definitely adds a regal feeling to the whole scene.

Snyder knows his strengths which is directing.  So if you want to put any blame on Man of Steel (2013), it was the writing that needed to be spruced up.  I’m very excited to see what Snyder has in store for us in terms of spectacle.  With two DC behemoths — Superman and Batman — going against each other, we can no less expect action sequences of epic proportions and visual beauty.

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