Five Reasons Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Will Succeed

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Reason 2: The Master Writing of Chris Terrio

If you’re not familiar with Chris Terrio’s work, I suggest you watch Argo (2012) and tell me that’s not a great movie.  Mr. Terrio won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Argo‘s script.

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The Harvard and USC Film School-educated scribe also attended the University of Cambridge for a PhD before deciding to settle on a career in movies.  Basically, this guy didn’t just fall into movie writing or depended on connections.  He was an outsider who truly proved his abilities through his intelligence and hard work.  In fact, his rewrite of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice script was so well-received by the executives at Warner Bros. that they offered him the job to write Justice League Part I and Justice League Part II.

Going back to Argo (2012), I can tell you that Terrio’s script is exemplary in structure and character development.  Each scene of that film pushes into the other with rising conflict.  He’s a master storyteller who’s able to keep the drama high and focus on the heart of the story.  I am confident that Terrio will bring the same kind of rigor to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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