Five Reasons Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Will Succeed

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Reason 4: Relevancy to Our Current Events

Just like how Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) was an allegory for the invasion of privacy, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be an allegory for power and blind faith.  They say that great science-fiction is basically a metaphor for our current state.  Well, in the past decade what has been pressing on our minds the most?  It’s a smorgasbord of things: cults, terrorism, zealous leaders of rogue nations, and abuses of power.  All of these things are made possible by one thing: blind faith.

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From the trailer it seems that the film will have the world split into two parties: one thinking Superman is a savior and the other thinking Superman has ulterior motives.  The group against Superman may, in their desperation, put their own blind faith in another person — Lex Luthor.  Batman, being the greatest detective in the world, will probably face off with Superman in order to find out his true agenda.  This is not unlike our own politics of testing out the waters before committing to any sort of alignment.

I’m sorry to have sucked all the fun out of an action movie, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice definitely seems to have some deeper meaning to its story.  And because of that, I feel that audiences may make repeat viewings just to dissect the various overtones.

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