Five Reasons Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Will Succeed

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Reason 3: A Top-Notch Cast

The cast for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has a cumulative total of 15 Academy Award nominations and 4 Academy Award wins.  These are in addition to the multiple nominations and wins for other accolades.  The cast is definitely not made up of amateurs.

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You may think that this sort of pedigree is overkill for a comic book movie.  But this is the type of weight Warner Bros. and DC are bringing to the table in terms of its superhero franchise.  Yes, they’re serious about making a good movie and treating the characters with depth.  How else will they bring to life an alien who absorbs the Sun’s rays for nutrients, and a billionare who dresses up as a bat?  Like I said, the studio is serious, and these hard-hitting actors don’t randomly pick films when they’re at the top of their game.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is packed with some big talent.  And from the trailer’s short beginning voice-overs, they seem to be really bringing some conviction to their work.

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