Five Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Plot Clues

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Clue #2: Lex Luthor Tricks the World and Superman

Before the first minute is up in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, we see a statue of Superman vandalized with the words “False God” in red paint.  Why the sudden turn on the Man of Steel?  This could be the doing of Lex Luthor and his elaborate plan.

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Lex Luthor has always been known as a man who worked behind the scenes.  It could be that when Superman first shows up, Luthor embraces him in order to get close.  The statue of Superman may have even be erected by Luthor himself.  Who else would have the resources to do that?  The worship of Superman as a type of god could’ve easily been fueled by Luthor.  He could have agents spreading the word of the new savior.  Multiple cults start to rise up.  And from the few shots shown in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, Superman doesn’t seem to be all that thrilled with being seen as a god.

Soon, Luthor creates an army for Superman which explains the soldiers who have the House of El crest adorned on their sleeves.  As Luthor becomes more and more chummy with Superman, the attention will be taken away from Luthor.  This allows Luthor to roam free of Superman’s suspicions.

When Superman doesn’t look the other way, Luthor implements his contingency plan of tearing down the Man of Steel.  The campaign against Superman may show him as a cult leader who came to our planet so that he can rule.  As Superman becomes an enemy of the world, Batman may step in to investigate.  Remember, Batman is older in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so he’s much more knowledgeable and more experienced with people like Luthor.

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