Marvel Hires Nicole Perlman, Meg LeFauve To Write Captain Marvel


It’s pretty obvious that the movie studios prepping female-led super hero movies have placed a priority on getting top female talent to help make them. Warner Bros’ showed its commitment to that idea by naming a woman (replacing another woman) to direct Wonder Woman, and Marvel is following suit with the writers it’s hired to do the script for Captain Marvel.

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Though rumored for at least a week or so, Marvel made it official today that Nicole Perlman or Meg LeFauve will write Captain Marvel. Though the film doesn’t have a director or star attached yet, there’s no real rush, as it’s not due in theaters until November 2, 2018.

Perlman is a name that may already be familiar to super hero movie fans. She did the original script for Guardians of the Galaxy, and though it was later heavily revised by director James Gunn, she still received co-writing credit for it. Even though Gunn made some comments that could be construed in a derogatory fashion about the process, Perlman must not have been bothered too much by the experience if she’s willing to work with Marvel again.

LeFauve brings less genre experience to the table, but she’s a hot commodity at the moment since she wrote Inside Out, the Pixar movie coming this June. As a team, they should hopefully be able to cook up a compelling solo adventure for Carol Danvers, who could very well become Marvel’s preeminent female hero if the movie does well. Uh, no pressure or anything!

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