Will Friedle Talks Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts


Will Friedle is playing Nightwing in Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts. Of course, Will Friedle is hardly a stranger to the Batman universe, playing the Blue Beetle in Batman: The Brave and The Bold & distant future Batman Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond. Will Friedle talked with CBR about playing Nightwing in the upcoming animated film.

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"I’d like to think, at least with Nightwing, I bring in a certain sense of humor, because I’d like to think that I have a certain lilt to my comic style which I think really lends to the character. Again, coming from the circus background and all that kind of stuff — “the show must go on” kind of guy — I do think he’s a showman, he’s an entertainer and he’s a superhero, and I think he’s one of the few that has those attributes. Normally, it’s just about going out, cleaning up the city, doing what you have to do, almost being pulled into it as opposed to drawn to it. And I think he’s drawn to the whole extravagant kind of lifestyle. So it’s cool, it’s fun to play that’s for sure."

Will Friedle also talked about whether or not a live action Batman Beyond movie could work:

"I think it would be great, I do. I think I would like them to stay true to the story, to the origin story. Because I felt the origin story that Bruce [Timm] and Paul [Dini] and… Alan [Burnett] and all of them came up with phenomenal. So, I mean, to me that opening scene in animation, to me, became iconic where it’s Bruce Wayne, now in his late sixties and he has the heart attack and he has to grab the gun, and even he’s looking at the gun and then he just shuts off the lights in the Bat Cave — in Kevin [Conroy]’s voice, “Never again.” It was totally cool to me. So if they could do something along those lines, I would be the first one in line.Oh, God, it would be so — can you imagine? And then you get the 17-year-old kid who comes in, who’s got to find his way. Phenomenal, phenomenal. I mean, they really did model future Gotham on, like, “Bladerunner,” so you would have that complete kind of Bladerunner-esque, future — oh, forget it. I would be all over that, it would be great."

Be sure to check out the full interview at CBR where Will Friedle also talks about who his favorite Batman is, Transformers and more. Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts comes out on video May 12th.

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