Daredevil villain Kingpin wants to kick Nat Wolff’s butt as Spider-Man


Netflix’s Daredevil introduced one of Marvel’s finest villains to the fold in Spider-Man and Daredevil foe Kingpin, superbly played by Vincent D’Onofrio.

D’Onofrio recently sparked several rumours that Spider-Man and Daredevil might team-up at some point when he said during an interview that he’d love to kick Spidey’s butt. But it turns out that he also has a favourite actor who he thinks should get the role of Spidey.

Kingpin’s comments came after a supposed shortlist of actors being considered for the role of Spider-Man was released containing the following names – Asa Butterfield, Tom Holland, Nat Wolff, Timothee Chalamet and Luke James.

After seeing the list D’Onofrio, who has worked alongside one of the actors, Nat Wolff on the film In Dubious Battle quickly took to Twitter to voice his support for the young actor and endorse him as Marvel’s next Spider-Man!

Who knows though? Maybe D’Onofrio will get his two wishes and get to kick Wolff’s butt on-screen. Until then we’ll have to make do with the Spider-Man characters we can see on Daredevil as well as the supposed Easter-Eggs for Miles Morales and Spider-Man.

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