Why Is It So Hard To Do A Good Deadshot Costume On Screen?


I don’t think I’m alone in saying that Deadshot has one of the coolest looking costumes of any Batman villain, and possibly of any super villain anywhere. The silver helmet/mask with the red eyepiece. Those wrist blasters. Even though some parts of it are a little gaudy for TV or movies, there are a few elements you’d think would be easy to incorporate so that everyone feels good about the final product.

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Yet it must be more difficult than it appears, because we haven’t been treated to an awesome Deadshot suit yet. On Arrow, he’s basically just a guy in standard para-military gear with an eyepiece. That’s something, I guess. But it isn’t what we hoped.

(Also, he might be dead now, which means his costume won’t continue to evolve.)

Now, Warner Bros, has a chance to make things right by putting Will Smith in something cool for the upcoming Suicide Squad film. I’ll be the first person to say we should wait until official publicity photos are released before we start freaking out, but the early signs aren’t good.

Sean O’Neill managed to get the following set photo and post it to Twitter:

Comic Book Resources points out that maybe the guy on the right is Deadshot in costume while that picture of Smith is the character in civvies, and he dresses like a gunfighter because Deadshot. It’s also possible that neither of these represents what the character will look like in Suicide Squad when he’s loaded for bear.

So let’s juts put it this way for now: Smith better not be playing Deadshot dressed like a cowboy in this movie. I’m fine with adapting looks for the big screen — for example, even though I seem to be in the minority on this, I’m okay with the tattooed Joker because it fits the character — but changing Deadshot too much is fixing what isn’t broken.

Trust me on this, Warner Bros. Just put Will in the silver helmet and give him those wrist guns and all else, or at least most, will be forgiven. This really shouldn’t be so hard.

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