Daredevil’s second series to see Spider-Man pretend to be Daredevil?


Now the headline of this article has a question mark at the end of it. That’s because it hasn’t been confirmed or guaranteed and hasn’t even really been suggested as something that could actually happen by anyone more important than I am but I truly believe that we may actually see Peter Parker pretending to be Daredevil in the show’s second season.

That’s because Daredevil’s lead actor Charlie Cox has been doing the press rounds and he’s told the same story to two seperate news institutions and that’s the story of the comic book where Matt Murdock has to defend Daredevil and Peter Parker wears the Daredevil outfit in order to help Matt out and allow him to both defend Daredevil and keep his secret identity hidden.

The first time was to Screen Rant when he was asked about what he can expect for the show’s second season and beyond and the second time was in a recorded video with MTV when asked about who he’d like to see as Spider-Man. Now talking about it once is an amusing anecdote, but mentioning it twice especially in the context of the second series seems to me like the seed is being planted.

Especially when you see the amount of coaching that the stars receive from the studios. You only need to look at the Sony’s leaked emails to see that Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan were all given press packs of information and favourite comic book moments to reel off in interviews and I imagine it’s the same for Marvel. I may be wrong but it definitely seems like someone behind the scenes is quietly hyping up a Daredevil/Spider-Man crossover.

Honestly, it’d be a pretty great episode having Peter Parker appearing as Daredevil, but, and I think this is important, not Spider-Man and then having the extra storyline element of Matt Murdock essentially defending himself by proxy. What more could you want from a comic-book series? I know I’ve previously stated that I don’t want Spider-Man to appear in Daredevil but if it’s just Peter Parker essentially being Daredevil in that capacity I’d be thrilled!

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