We talked to the makers of the fake Spider-Man Avengers: Age of Ultron end-credit scene


Remember that ‘leaked’ end-credit scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron that showed Spider-Man interrupting a window cleaner and telling him he’d missed a spot? Which is this video.

You know the one, it turned out to be a well crafted fake as the makers revealed their deception with a hilarious ‘Making of’ video featuring some of the best online reactions. Which is this video

Well we got hold of the trio of tricksters and masterminds behind this fraudulent Spidey clip, Paolo Paz, who played Spider-Man and refers to himself as South Beach Spidey and directors Chris and Larry to quiz them about their Spider-Man deception!

Why Spider-Man and Age of Ultron?

"Chris: After having done the Batman video it was  appropriate to do Marvel next. It became a question of what are fans looking forward to most in the Marvel Cinematic Universe…. Spider-man."

What made you do it?

"Chris and Larry: It was purely for fun, as all our videos are."

"Paolo: Larry contacted me and gave me a little info about what they had in mind and asked if I’d like a part of it. He showed me the Batman vs. Superman clip and I just couldn’t say no. Plus I figured it’d be the closest I’d ever get to playing Spiderman!"

Did you think it would actually go viral – what happened when it did?

"Chris: That was the hope, though you never really know. We made it assuming it would go viral, meaning we knew it would immediately be scrutinized for falsities. So we just had to be extra thorough with details.Paolo: I figured it’d get some attention, but no where near the level that it did. Nothing really happened when it finally did for me except freaking out internally. Only the people who worked on it actually knew about it so I couldn’t really talk about it with anyone but Chris and Larry. Which I did. Every five minutes because I couldn’t contain the excitement."

How did you feel when people were comparing you [Spider-Man] to Andrew Garfield or Anton Yelchin as evidenced in your big reveal video?

"Larry: Mostly we were just enjoying all the engagement and reactions that it got.Paolo: It was mixed feelings. On one hand, they clearly thought that the clip could be legitimate, on the other, I wanted people to know it was me."

What was it like to see the video get mentioned at the AOU conference with Whedon dismissing it?

"Chris: We figured something this viral would eventually reach the top. But just like the Batman teaser, we knew it wouldn’t even be mentioned. The Joss Whedon video took us by surprise. It was great to actually SEE it… even though he didn’t seem too pleased about it.Paolo: I was at work when I first saw it. I just skimmed it and thought it was kinda cool. But then once I finally got home I re-watched it easily fifty times and it started to hit me. Most of the cast of the Avengers was there. They heard about it. Maybe they even saw it. That made my week. It may not be much to most people, but for me, it was more than enough."

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How funny were the reactions?

"Larry:  There were alot, we tried to put most of our favorites in the Making Of video."

Why Portuguese subtitles?

"Larry: It was just to add yet another layer of doubt. But more importantly a day or two before finishing the video real leaked trailers started popping up (Star Wars Rogue One, Fantastic Four, etc.) among them was a Batman Vs Superman one with Portuguese subtitles."

Who should be Marvel’s next Spider-Man?

"Chris and Larry: We have faith in whoever Marvel decides upon, why wouldn’t you at this point?Paolo: I’m with Larry and Chris here. Marvel will do a great job at picking the next Spiderman…. *cough*SouthBeachSpidey*cough*"

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