Secret Wars Battle Report, Week One


Welcome back to the Battle Report! As explained last week, Marvel’s summer crossover is going to be massive, involving too many tie-in books for the casual reader to keep up with, so we here at Bam Smack Pow are here to help with weekly recaps of the related issues. This week saw the first issue of the main miniseries and no tie-ins yet. Let’s be grateful for the easy start.

Secret Wars #1

What happened: The final incursion happens as the Ultimate Universe slams into the main Marvel Universe. Both sides send characters out to meet the end like heroes, and a number of folks are killed on the battlefield before everything goes white, presumably to resolve next issue into the hodge-podge Battleworld setting of the rest of the series.

Was it good: Surprisingly so. Hickman’s Avengers was entertaining but emotionally cold, and his Infinity series wasn’t even especially entertaining, but this issue let Rocket Raccoon make a really funny joke, had me holding my breath during a fight scene, and put a lump in my throat watching one of the horrific battle losses. This is such a great first issue, and it sets a high bar for the rest of the summer.

Is it necessary: Yes, we can all assume we have to read the main title of the crossover.

Should you buy it: Yes. Very yes.

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