Amazing Spider-Man #18 Review


We’ve had #17 issues of post Superior Spider-Man/Silk/Spider-Verse goodness, and it all comes to an end in this issue, Amazing Spider-Man #18. For we all know that after this issue, there is no ASM… there is only SECRET WARS. Did the latest run of Amazing Spider-Man end with a satisfying *thwip*? Read on.

I’ve harped on and on about the art/colors/ink of the artists Humberto Ramos, Delgado, and Olazaba (ok maybe I forgot to mention the last one previously but a belated props to you good sir!), so I’ll preface this by saying the it’s more of the same in this issue, which is still a compliment.

This issue had some awesome content, as well as a weakly constructed ending. Or maybe I should divide this into two categories. As an ending for the present Parker Industries arc, it works. Alchemax has ample reason for hiring the Ghost to take down Pete’s company, and the Ghost shares no love for big corporations or Spider-Man, so their battle makes sense. Throw in some Parker luck, the collapse of his company (because he can’t be too successful right?) , and all (most) of the secrets between him and his business partners coming to light, and you have an ending that ties up loose ends in a logical fashion.

But if you look at it as the ending of the current arc of Amazing Spider-Man going into the Secret Wars, it just wasn’t that satisfying. Basically Peter’s back where he usually ends up, all success or hope for leading an industry-revolutionizing company dashed, and trouble looming on the horizon. Perhaps I’m still Spider-Versed, but I’d like to see him get a win once in awhile and have one venture that doesn’t implode in his face. And the whole ordeal lacked the epicness I expected from the last pre-SW issue.

That aside though, there were some great scenes. Clayton wearing the Sonic suit and striding in with a Web Shooter wielding Anna is a spectacular moment. Clayton and the suit are a match made in heaven, and Anna continues to be one of the most understated strong female characters in the Marvel universe (RIP 2015). And Ghost turned out to be a decent ending villain, but honestly, I know he’s weakened by the fight with Morlun, but I’ve seen Peter dodge so much more than falling rubble that I’m shocked he got pinned at all.

And finally the Black Cat arc concludes… and she’s still a bad guy. Nuff’ said about that.

Amazing Spider-Man #18 was a decent issue that landed the right points but could have ended with more flair. Now all that’s left is for Peter to Renew his Vows. Now that’ll be interesting.

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