First Look: A Whole New Kind Of Police Force In Thors #1


Let’s say you set yourself up as the ruler and god of an entire planet, one that just happened to have hundreds, possibly thousands of super-powered beings as inhabitants. As long as we’re going down this road, let’s also say that you want some kind of police force, because you’re the type of deity that prefers things orderly.

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If a bunch of the people in the different lands on your planet also happened to wield powerful hammers that can call down the thunder and lightning when necessary, wouldn’t they make the perfect police? Doctor Doom seems to think so, which is why he’s made the various Gods of Thunder from every reality on Battleworld his cops.

That’s the high concept of Thors #1 in a nutshell. Writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Sprouse team to create a comic that’s part Secret Wars, part super hero book and part police procedural. It’s also got an awesome cast that includes Beta Ray Thor, Thor Stormborn and Throg the Frog of Thunder. In other words, if you’ve got a favorite Thor, he or she is probably included.

Here’s what Marvel says about Thors #1:

"The chaos of Secret Wars requires a different kind of lawman. Welcome to the force – whenever there’s trouble on Battleworld, the Thors answer the call. Gods of Thunder from every universe, united in their quest to uphold the law. Keeping the peace, closing cases, and dispensing judgment with their mighty hammers! But a puzzling murder case on Battleworld has changed the rules. One that has the entire corps scrambling to find the murderer. But what they find could unravel the very fabric of reality!"

I’ve never seen anyone on a TV procedural have to play for those kinds of stakes. Or whip Mjolnir around, now that I think about it. Thors #1 hits stores and digital on June 17, but you can get a first look just by scrolling down and feeling the thunder.

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