First Look: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vs. Avengers In Korvac Saga #1


Historically speaking, Michael Korvac has always been a handful. In the original “Korvac Saga” arc, it took the combined efforts of the original Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers to stop him, and even then, it was only possible because he allowed himself to be defeated. It’s fair to say he was more misunderstood and misguided than truly evil, but there’s no doubt that he was extremely powerful.

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That’s pretty much all the background you need to know to appreciate Korvac Saga #1, which offers up a distinctly Secret Wars twist on one of Marvel’s first cosmic villains. On Battleworld, Michael Korvac rules over the domain known as Forest Hills — itself a callback to the original story. He doesn’t exactly sound like a benevolent dictator, and he maintains order with the unquestioning assistance of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Simon Williams, who you might know better as Wonder Man, rules the neighboring domain, and he’s got his own squad of Avengers to do his bidding. With Williams looking to possibly start a border war, trouble from beyond the great wall known as the Shield and a mysterious malady changing citizens of Forest Hills into monsters, even the mighty power of Korvac might not be enough.

Marvel has this to add:

"Now the classic Guardians of the Galaxy – Major Victory, Starhawk, Charlie-27, Yondu, Nikki and young Geena Drake must track the source of this evil before it corrupts Forest Hills and all of Battleworld! Yet even if they stem the coming darkness, will they be strong enough to stop Wonder Man and his Avengers?"

A Guardians-Avengers throwdown is always welcome, and the whole thing is being written by someone who knows the GotG (classic and current) all too well, Dan Abnett. Along with artist Otto Schmidt, he’s going to have Korvac Saga #1 in our hands on June 24, but we’ve got a first look for you right here.

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