First Look: Nomad Fights Alone In Hail Hydra #1


Just in case it isn’t bad enough that all that’s left of the Marvel Universe is one very dangerous patchwork planet whose god and ruler is Doctor Doom, here’s another sobering thought: Hydra is still around too.

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Not only that, but the Battleworld edition of Hydra is a bigger and stronger one than anyone has seen before. Against such a vast and dangerous organization of evil, it might take a whole squadron of heroes to stop it. Instead, this particular region of the planet has just one: Ian Rogers, otherwise known as Nomad.

In Hail Hydra #1, a man who knows the regular Marvel Ian only too well, Rick Remender, teams with artist Roland Boschi to tell a tale of one man against impossible odds. Here’s the official teaser copy:

"Can one man survive the onslaught of an entire nation dominated by Hydra? Can he survive the rage of Eddie Brock and the rest of Hydra’s top assassins? He is a man without a world. No hope, no backup and no escape! Hydra will prevail. Hydra will preserve."

Yeah, that sounds like a tall task, even for the son of Captain America. The cover of the issue does show that he has his dad’s shield, but still.

We’ve got a first look at Hail Hydra #1 right here before it appears in stores and on digital on July 8. Does the whole “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” thing apply to Hydra? Just wondering.

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