Warner Bros. Shows Off Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Batmobile


We told you the Licensing Expo would be good for some more Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice goodness. Considering the Batmobile will no doubt be heavily promoted as a toy when the movie comes out, Warner Bros. used the event to show off the Batmobile from the upcoming movie for the first time in public.

The first thing that pops out at you in this design is the twin guns mounted on the turret in front. This follows film tradition, as everything from Michael Keaton’s 1989 Batmobile to Christian Bale’s Tumbler has packed some serious weaponry. Batman’s strict “no guns” rule clearly doesn’t apply to his rides, at least in the movies.

While the armor plating does call to mind the Tumbler and the Batmobile from the legendary The Dark Knight Returns comic series, the fact that this vehicle sits low to the ground and has those visible exhaust pipes on the sides still yells “car” more than “tank” to me.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming to theaters March 25 of next year, but that might not be the only time we see the Batmobile on the big screen in 2016. Images and video from the set of Suicide Squad, which comes out next August, suggest that a Batman-Joker chase is very much in the cards for that film, meaning that Ben Affleck should get comfortable behind the wheel of this baby.

Then again, given the way the Batmobile has changed so many times over the years, maybe the Suicide Squad car will be a little different than this one. That does open the door for even more merchandising …

(via Comicbook.com)

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