Check Out These Awesome Arkham Knight Figures!


Arkham Knight is finally out today! But why stop at the video game when you can get these awesome-looking figures from Square Enix & Sideshow Collectibles!

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First up, we have the Dark Knight. Take a look at the featured pic and you can tell it’s a higly detailed, well sculpted figure, but I’ll let the official description say more:

"Sideshow Collectibles and Square Enix are proud to present the Batman: Arkham Knight Collectible Figure that matches the beautiful and highly detailed game graphics. With a heavy emphasis on the fine details and sculpt, the result is a realistic impression of Bruce Wayne, in his iconic batsuit. Batman’s suit features a metallic sheen paint application as well as weathering and scuffs that show the scars of his battles.The Batman collectible figure features a realistic looking cape, interchangeable hands and weapons. Fans of Arkham Knight should not miss out on this collectible that shows off Batman’s action poses at their best!"

The second figure is the titular Arkham Knight himself. First, check out a pic below:

"Sideshow Collectibles is thrilled to present the Arkham Knight Collectible Figure by Square Enix. Featuring a symbolic letter “A” emblazoned on his chest, mechanical armor, and army fatigues, this figure shows a wide range of realistic textures. Artists at Square Enix paid special attention to keeping a sharply sculpted silhouette. Arkham Knight’s helmet is reminiscent of Batman with a translucent visor. Including two interchangeable helmets, one recreates his default game appearance and the second is painted to give off a glowing eye effect. The Batman: Arkham Knight Collectible Figure’s accessories include a sniper rifle, two handguns, three interchangeable hands for action poses, and a figure display stand."

Both figures will run you a not horribly high $100 (which you can split into two payments if need be) and will ship to buyers sometime between July & August. Arkham Knight the video game is out now!

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