Check Out This Retro Batcave Playset!


Action figures are cool and all, but what you really need is a playset to use with them. What would be a great idea? Why this Retro Batcave playset of course!

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This Retro Batcave Playset is of course aimed to fit with classic Batman figures, but like any playset, the only limit is your imagination. Wanna have Batman & the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hang out in the Batcave? That’s totally cool (now I really want that to be a crossover comic that exists). Check out the official description for the Retro Batcave Playset below:

"A reproduction of its 70’s counterpart, The Batcave is the perfect compliment to the vast array of Batman figures that have been released by Figures Toy Company. The flashing Battery Operated Batsignal, Batpole, Batcomputer, and Secret Entrance (to keep those pesky villains out) features are all present here in Batman’s lair. Collectors can get ready to clear some shelf space, as The Batcave is a giant 3 foot playset that can be utilized with any of Figures Toy Company’s 8 inch retro action figures!"

It should be noted that the Retro Batcave Playset does not come with any action figures, so you’ll have to provide your own. The Retro Batcave Playset runs you $79.99 and can be pre-ordered here. It is expected to ship in September, so it might make a great Fall birthday present or even something to think about for Christmas!


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