New Justice League: Gods & Monsters Clip!


Prepare for a very different Justice League when Justice League: Gods & Monsters by DC legend Bruce Timm releases on video in about 4 weeks!

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, Justice League: Gods & Monsters takes place in alternate reality where Batman is Kirk Langstrom (and a vampire), Superman is a son of Zod & Wonder Woman is a New God. They are still heroes who save the day, but are ruthless to enemies and don’t seem to care much about collateral damage. The news even labels them as terrorists, which you can see for yourself in this clip below:

If you want to get more of an idea a of the world of Justice League: Gods & Monsters and just how different our heroes are in this reality, check out the three animated shorts produced by Machinima titled Justice League: Gods & Monsters. I’m really excited to check this out as anything from Bruce Timm is usually excellent and obviously this is a fresh take on well-established heroes. Justice League: Gods & Monsters hits Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital Video formats July 28th.

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