7 Spider-Man Villains We’d Like To See In The New Movie

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When it comes to Spider-Man movies, it’s time for some new blood.

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The upcoming Sony and Marvel joint production already has that in the form of actor Tom Holland and director Jon Watts, but there’s one more important ingredient to usher in a new era for the wall-crawler, one that will connect him to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: new villains.

According to remarks made by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, Sony and Marvel want to use villains that haven’t already been featured in any of the previous Spider-Man films. If the creators behind the new film stick to their guns, that rules out some of Spidey’s most iconic foes, including the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Venom.

Fortunately, Spider-Man’s rogues gallery is among the deepest and most colorful in all of comics, second perhaps only to Batman in terms of the number of viable villains for the big screen. It shouldn’t be hard at all for the writers to come up with at least a dozen bad guys who would be worthy of a spot in the upcoming reboot.

Ah, but which ones are the best? The answer to that question is partly a matter of personal preference, since super villain greatness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Still, we figured we’d take a stab at coming up with some of the top choices, fiends who could give our new Peter Parker a run for his money in terms of brains, brawn or both.

After weighing a number of candidates, the following seven men (or whatever No. 7 is; we’re at least pretty sure he’s male) rose to the top, and we’d love to see one or two of them — but not more, because that’s where super hero movies tend to get a bit too crowded — go up against the web-slinger in July of 2017.

Let’s check them out, and be sure to tell us how wrong or right we are. Also, I want to say a special apology to the Shocker. I tried to work you in here, but you simply fell short of the cut. Awesome quilted suit though!

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