SDCC 2015: Diamond Select Gotham Figures Look Awful


Months ago, Gotham figures by Diamond Select were announced. I thought they looked pretty awful, but hey that was only a few of the characters, Maybe some of the other ones will look good. Now these Gotham figures are on display on at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and sadly I think they actually look worse than I initially thought….

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Admittedly these aren’t incredibly high-end figures, as they run $24.99 a pop, but I’ve seen figures that look a lot more like their characters from their respective medium at this price and lower. Check out the pics below:

Like, who is the dude in the back even supposed to be? The rest look like poor imitations of Gordon, Bullock, Selina, etc. but at least you can tell who they are trying to look like. My best guess is this is Commissioner Loeb but it seriously looks nothing like him at all. Every time I look at these I can only think of this particular scene…

Hopefully somebody will get another crack at this and we’ll see some really awesome Gotham figures somewhere down the line. Stay Tuned to Caped Crusades all weekend long as we’ll bring you the latest Batman news from this year’s San Diego Comic Con!

h/t Toy News International

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