Mark Hamill Would Still Love To Be In The Killing Joke


There may be a debate as to who is the best movie Joker. But when it comes to animation, Mark Hamill is the undisputed king, providing an iconic voice and performance of the Joker starting with the seminal Batman the Animated series and going on for various series & projects until he retired from the role in 2011 (though he has still done the role at least once since then). There was thing in particular Mark Hamill stated he would come back for.

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Back when Mark Hamill retired from voicing Joker in 2011, he said he would happily come back for an adaptation of the Killing Joke. The seminal graphic novel that is more or less considered the Joker’s origin story (as much as there can be one). A animated version of The Killing Joke was announced at this year’s San Diego Comic Con for 2016, but as of yet none of the voice cast had been announced. Was Mark Hamill still interested in the role? According to a recent tweet, very:

So hopefully everybody is on board with this because while there have been some perfectly decent voice actors who have donned the role of Joker, nobody has defined it like Mark Hamill. The Killing Joke animated feature is slated for release sometime next year, hopefully we’ll hear casting news on that soon.

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