Bruce Timm Talks Justice League: Gods & Monsters


A new DC animated movie is out this Tuesday! Justice League: Gods & Monsters is out on Blu-Ray & DVD July 28th. Bruce Timm talked with CBR about the movie that shows the Justice League as we’ve never seen them before.

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"The first idea was about how to reboot the current animated TV series,” Timm said, “but that got out of hand. I thought about doing some kind of gimmick, like making them kids. But then I was thinking back to the Silver Age versions of Flash and Green Lantern, and that were really different from the Golden Age; the names and gimmicks were kept but they threw out everything else. So I used the same methodology for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. I pitched it to Warner Bros. and they thought it would be too outside-of-the-box for a TV series, but that it would be a good one-off, as a direct to video feature."

While not a full-blown TV series, Justice League: Gods & Monsters already exists as a web series, with a second season due next year. Read the full interview with Bruce Timm at CBR where he also discusses things like both the freedom and headaches of the new takes on these classic heroes and more. And be sure to keep an eye out for our review of Justice League: Gods and Monsters sometime this week!

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