Bugs Bunny Was Batman?


It’s Bugs Bunny’s 75th anniversary! Bugs Bunny has had many roles in his varied career. Opera singer, Millionaire Hunting Enthusiast Elmer J Fudd (he owns a mansion and a yacht), various women. The list goes on and on. But was he ever the Caped Crusader?

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In this clip from the Looney Tunes Show, Bugs Bunny is reminscing about his early years where while he didn’t graduate high school, he accomplished quite a bit (like being president of a foreign country!), but that’s all in the past. Erstwhile friend/rival Daffy Duck thinks Bugs may have peaked too soon. But Bugs has a secret life even Daffy has no clue about. Check out the clip below:

Bugs Bunny As Batman


But that’s not all! As an added bonus, we also have the clip from the 1989 Batman VHS which shows both Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck trying to sell you such fantastic Warner Bros. merchandise as a Warner Bros. ball cap (apparently it’s against the law to watch a Warner Bros. movie w/o at least having one ordered and on the way) and the overall Warner Bros. merchandise catalog (remember merchandise catalogs?) Check it out below and happy 75th Anniversary Bugs Bunny!

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