Kevin Conroy Wants In On The Killing Joke Animated Movie


Mark Hamill, the defining voice of the Joker for over two decades, is reprising the role for the upcoming Killing Joke animated adaptation coming net year, but what about his usual dance partner, Kevin Conroy, who is generally considered the best Batman ever?

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"Oh, God! Are you kidding me? I’d do it in a heartbeat.. I love working with him. I couldn’t believe when they killed off The Joker. I would love to do it, and I hope that that happens"

“Killing off” the Joker I believe refers to the Arkham video game series, where he died at the end of Arkham City. I do not believe the Joker has been killed in the animated DC universe (not counting Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker at any rate), but Hamill “retired” from the role several years ago and is just coming back for the Killing Joke.

Kevin Conroy has never retired from playing Batman, but lately DC’s go to man seems to be Jason O’Mara for animated movies. That being said, adapting a classic story like the killing joke may call for the classic Batman to match with the classic Joker. Let’s hope so! The Killing Joke animated movie is due out sometime next year.


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