This Is What A $900 Arkham Knight Figure Looks Like


Are you the ultimate Arkham Knight fan with tons of disposable cash? Then this new Arkham Knight figure from Prime One might be exactly what you are looking for. Fair warning: some of the description of what comes with the limited edition figure spoils the identity of the Arkham Knight, so if you don’t want to know that, do not read any further.

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Granted, this is a great-looking and incredibly detailed figure of the Arkham Knight from the video game. Not surprisingly, it’s also a limited run figure, with 1,000 of an “exclusive” version of the figure, and 1500 being made of the “regular” figure. The “exclusive” limited edition of this already limited run Arkham Knight figure comes with an interchangeable Red Hood sculpt piece and chest plate. Both versions are 30″ inches tall come with LED eyes, five interchangeable hand configurations and packed with a sniper rifle and dual pistols.

Again this is an incredibly detailed figure and awesome looking figure, but even if I was a super rich nerd, there are so many things I’d rather spend $900, and I’m not talking about anything remotely practical. But hey, I’m pretty sure there are roughly 2500 people in the world who would totally buy this.

h/t Gamerant

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