Zach Galifianakis Is The Joker In Lego Batman


The Lego Batman movie is really going for an all-star comedy cast. We have Will Arnett as Batman, Michael Cera as Robin, and now Zach Galifianakis has been cast as the Joker for the upcoming animated feature.

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While Zach Galifianakis is incredibly funny, I wonder if he’s a good choice to play Joker. Obviously The Lego Batman Movie will be a family-friendly film, there are still some basic elements every Joker should have. And Joker has been portrayed in a family-friendly way multiple without losing any of that. I think as long as Zach Galifianakis is game for the role and tries to do a character rather than just play himself, it will come off well in the film. I think I also would’ve preferred one of Batman’s sillier villains though, the Joker is too easy. I mean, I think the big screen debut of The King of Cats is long overdue. The Lego Batman movie is due out February 10th, 2017.


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