See Rocket Raccoon’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Animated Origin


I’d say that “courage” and “elevated aggression” are two traits that Rocket Raccoon has in abundance. I’d also add that he’s got a short fuse and a bit of an attitude problem at times, though I’d never say that to his face.

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In any case, those first two qualities are crucial to Rocket Raccoon becoming the man … er, talking raccoon-like being he is today, especially in the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series coming to Disney XD. Though the series premiere isn’t until next month (with a preview on September 5), Marvel has been releasing origin clips for the characters ahead of the pilot episode.

Rocket’s story was released in two parts this weekend, both of which are included below. Not only do we get to see exactly how Rocket was chosen for experimentation and how he got his name, we also look in on his first meeting with Groot. True to form from both the comics and movies, the duo is first introduced while attempting to escape incarceration.

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If you listen closely to the very beginning of the first clip, you can hear the reference to Halfworld, which was Rocket’s original home in the comics. That reinforces the idea that even though the animated version of Guardians of the Galaxy is based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe iteration of the team — and you can see that in the design of the ship Rocket and Groot “borrow” — it should have plenty of callbacks to the original source material as well.

For more of Trevor Devall voicing Rocket Raccoon, be sure to tune in to Disney XD this fall for Guardians of the Galaxy, which begins its regular run on September 26.

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