Marvel Finally Admits Spider-Man Is In Captain America: Civil War


As far as worst-kept secrets go, the fact that Spider-Man would play some part in Captain America: Civil War was one of the worst. Not only was it expected by many Marvel fans simply because Spidey plays a pivotal role in the comic book series from which the upcoming movie gets part of its name, but there were plenty of reports that new web-slinger Tom Holland was in Atlanta when the third Cap film was filming there.

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Marvel’s official company line was that we’d see the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-man for the first time in his own 2017 movie that is being done in conjunction with Sony, but that’s now changed to reflect what’s really going on. At the D23 Expo this past weekend, descriptions of Captain America: Civil War included Holland’s name for the first time, confirming what everyone already knew: namely, that we’ll see him in the movie in some capacity.

And it might be larger than just a cameo. cite sources telling it that Holland was on set in Germany to participate in the shoot. He wouldn’t need to be in two different filming locations if he was just dropping in for one quip, so this has the feeling of more Spidey than we’ve been led to believe.

That brings us back to Marvel’s admission that yes, Spider-Man is in the movie. We’ll see exactly how much when Captain America: Civil War bursts into multiplexes everywhere on May 6, 2016.

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