Marvel Cosplay Variant Cover Gallery Spotlight

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To be honest, it’s kind of surprising that there hasn’t already been a month of variant covers devoted to cosplay. It’s such an obvious way to connect comics to the fans who love them, as well as a very powerful visual celebration of super heroes.

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It’s also a popular part of comic book culture, as anyone that has attended a con of any size in recent years can surely attest. As a first-timer at New York Comic Con in 2014, I was absolutely blown away not only by the skill and dedication of the cosplayers there, but by their sheer numbers as well. By Saturday, I was starting to feel like I was in the minority by not wearing a costume of some sort.

So it’s great to see Marvel acknowledge all of the above by letting cosplayers take the spotlight for the variant covers in Marvel. Not only does the Cosplay Variant program give a chance for a wide variety of cosplayers to show their stuff, it also might inspire even more readers to give it a shot.

Plus it gets people talking even more about the relaunched Marvel line, so that’s a win-win for all involved. It seemed like a shame to run these covers in reduced size for our original post, so we thought it would be fun to show them off as large as we could, and where possible, to tell you a little more about the people behind the masks, tights, body paint and props.

If you flip through the entire Marvel Cosplay Variant Cover Gallery, you’ll get to see superb costumes and maybe learn something about the people wearing them too. Sounds like fun, no?

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