Rumor: Spider-Man Fights Someone Pretty Well-Known In Captain America: Civil War


(NOTE: This article contains discussion of a rumor that, if true, would be a huge spoiler for a plot point in Captain America: Civil War. If you would not like that information spoiled, please turn back now! We’ll understand.)

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Now that the cat is officially out of the bag when it comes to Spider-Man appearing in Captain America: Civil War, the scoopers have turned their attention to exactly what role the wall-crawler might play. Initially, it was thought that Spidey might only make a cameo appearance to get the world ready for his shared Sony/Marvel solo film in 2017, but since actor Tom Holland has been in two different shooting locations, it’s now a safe bet that his part is bigger.

How big? Well, there have already been reports that Spider-Man will actually take a side in the conflict between heroes, and that’s only possible if he’s around for a bit. And now, Umberto Gonzalez of Heroic Hollywood is at it again, tapping sources in Germany that have told him what kind of scene Holland is filming.

It’s a fight scene, and it’s against a major figure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We can’t stress the whole spoiler thing enough, though …

The fight is against Captain America, lending more weight to Heroic Hollywood’s earlier report that Spider-man will side with Iron Man. Comic book fans will know that Peter Parker originally linked up with Tony Stark in the Civil War comic series, even getting a spiffy new costume out of the deal (something rumored to be a movie subplot as well, for what it’s worth), and ended up reluctantly battling Steve Rogers in a fight that neither man truly won. However he later had second thoughts, ending up on Cap’s team for the remainder of the saga.

The whole thing is an exciting possibility for people who would live to see Captain America: Civil War hit as many beats as possible from the source material, so we’ll have to see if it plays out that way.

This certainly won’t be the final rumor to emerge about Civil War, which is close to finishing its shoot on the way to its May 6, 2016 release.

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