Rumor: Another Spider-Man Character Makes Marvel Cinematic Universe Debut In Captain America: Civil War


(Note: This article contains discussion of a rumor that if true, will spoil the first Marvel Cinematic Universe appearance of a character in Captain America: Civil War. Be forewarned if you read on!)

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It took a while, but Marvel finally owned up to the idea that we’d see the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Spider-Man for the first time in Captain America: Civil War. Of course that will come ahead of his next solo movie, the first under the recent agreement between Sony and Marvel.

Why is that significant? Because even though everyone knows the origin of Spider-Man at this point, it means the web-slinger is being dropped into the MCU without some of his famous supporting characters. Unless he isn’t …

Umberto Gonzalez of Heroic Hollywood says his sources report that Spidey isn’t coming alone. Along with Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Spider-Man, it seems Marisa Tomei may have shot her first scenes as the new Aunt May as well.

That’s a scoop for HH if true, because Tomei hasn’t been confirmed yet as Aunt May. There was a report back in July by Variety to that effect, and The Hollywood Reporter was in agreement but was the first outlet to suggest her gig would begin with scenes in Captain America: Civil War.

Now that seems like it could indeed be the case. They could be brief, but they’re part of the growing evidence that Spider-Man has more than a cameo in Civil War, something that will no doubt make a lot of Spidey and comic book fans in general very happy.

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