Can Batman Handle Being A God?


Well we know Batman’s new near infinite-knowledge of the universe has made him quite a jerk, but he’s Batman. His greatest power (ok, besides money) is his brain. That should make him perfect for the job, right? Well Geoff Johns has an answer to that.

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"Well, the “can [Batman handle it]” part is obviously part of the story. But I think it’s clear that the reason the Justice League members, and specifically Cyborg says if any one of us can handle it, you can, is because Bruce’s mind is his ultimate weapon. And the Mobius Chair taps right into it. Being able to access knowledge about anything, anyone, anywhere, past and present across the universe is a real powerful thing, and you know, whether or not Bruce can control that and survive that unchanged is to be determined. And of course, his friends are going to be concerned for his well-being. They don’t know anything about this Mobius Chair. And Batman isn’t completely conscious of the fact that it is altering his personality a little bit."

SO how will being in the Mobius Chair change the Caped Crusader and what repercussions will it have? You’ll just have to keep reading Justice League to find out.

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