Harley Quinn Retro Mego Figure Announced


Harley Quinn is one of the most popular figures in the Batman universe. Indeed, the DC Universe in general. So those not that familiar with her history might not know she hasn’t been around all that long.

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Created for the Batman Animated series, Harley Quinn is a relatively young character in the comic book world, being that she has “only” been in existence for just over two decades instead of at least several. The flip-side of this is while characters Harley Quinn is heavily associated with (i.e. Batman & Joker) have lots of retro figures to collect, miss Quinzel doesn’t have any of her own.

Enter Figures Toy Company, which has just announced a retro style Harley Quinn figure for release later this year. This figure is part of the Kresge line which all are retro-inspired figures that feature an authentic cloth outfit. No pricing available as of yet, but previous figures in this series all run $26.99, so expect this figure to be in line with that. Seems like the perfect thing to put under the tree for a Harley Quinn fan of any age!

h/t Comicbook.com

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