Batman: Zero Year Figure Coming Next Year


DC Collectibles has announced a “Survival Batman” figure due out sometime next year. Survival Batman is based on Batman’s appearance in the Batman: Zero Year comic.

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Batman: Zero Year was part of redefining Batman as part of the New 52 DC reboot though not a brand new origin story. This Survival Batman figure is part of DC Collectibles “Designer Series”, which incorporates the comic artist’s style into an articulated figure. In this case, it’s Greg Capullo. No word on pricing but other figures in this series are usually a suggested retail price of $24.99 so expect this Batman: Zero Year figure to be the same price. No real release date beyond sometime next year at the moment, though.

I09 dubbed this the grumpiest Batman figure ever, and I gotta agree. Batman is not a dude who smiles often, but that very obvious frown makes him seem in moe of a bad mood than usual.

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