Kevin Conroy Doesn’t Mind Other People Being Batman


People may debate about who’s the best movie Batman, but for many, including myself, the definitive Batman is the man who has regularly voiced him in TV shows, animated movies and games for over 20 years, Kevin Conroy. But what does Kevin Conroy think of other people who have played this iconic DC superhero?

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"I think that different actors bring different qualities to the character. It’s such a wonderful mantle to put on that I think it’s a lot of fun for different actors to see how they play it. I think it was kind of brilliant that Warner Brothers had different actors do the live action Batman for each version, because their take on the character was so different. That happens with all characters."

Be sure to read the full interview over at Screen Rant, where Kevin Conroy also talks about how he came up with the split personality for Batman & Bruce Wayne, and what he thinks of Zack Snyder going with an older Batman. You can hear Kevin Conroy as Batman in the latest Batman video game, Arkham Knight.

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