Dragoncon 2015: Exclusive Interview With Dino Andrade


You may not know voice actor Dino Andrade’s name, but you have most certainly heard his voice. Whether it’s in World of Warcraft as many different characters, Pop of the famous Rice Krispies Trio Snap, Crackle & Pop or as the first Scarercrow in the Arkham series of video games. Dino Andrade is a veteran voice actor with a wide range of roles to his name and we had the opportunity to get an exclusive one-on-one interview with him at this year’s Dragoncon!

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On getting the role of Scarecrow in Arkham Asylum:

"I got the audition from my agent, and the big deal was they were looking for someone who could do as close a match as possible to Mark Hamill’s Joker. The Joker is pretty much the holy grail for villains, so I got very excited about that and I worked on that for quite awhile and at the same time I was also asked to audition for Scarecrow and Zsasz. I auditioned for all 3, and the agent called and said you got Arkham Asylum. I started jumping and down and said “Did I get Joker?!” He said “No, you got Scarecrow.” And then I found out that had brought Mark Hamill back for Joker, not a lot of shame in that. And then I got to see the script and I found out what it is that Scarecrow does and I was like “This is gonna be awesome!” and I’m pumped, you know. It just turned out to be the best thing that’s happened."

And while Dino has heard a little bit of John Noble’s take on the Scarecrow in Arkham Knight, he’s a little too busy between his various projects & raising his 5-year old son to really play video games.

In addition to voice acting and being a parent, Dino Andrade also plays geek matchmaker with his dating website, Soulgeek:

"If you are into great works of imagination, it’s a great place to find someone to revel in it with you. We’ve had almost 30 weddings, so that’s been wonderful, bringing all these couples together. The site was built in memory of voice actress Mary Kay Bergman, who we lost in November of ’99, we had been married for 10 years. When I lost her, I lost my best friend. We used to go to cons together, we had Starfleet uniforms and so on. Ever since then, having that as her legacy of bringing people together, I’ve since re-connected with my high school sweetheart and we have my son and life is renewed."

Dino Andrade on getting arguably his most famous role to date as Pop in the Rice Krispies commercials:

"Pop was a strange thing. My agent calls me up and says “you got Pop!” and I’m like “Pop who?”. She said “I was hoping you knew.” Because we couldn’t remember and I was thinking maybe an old man or a grandfather, I had no idea. So I go to the session and it turns out it was Pop from Rice Krispies. And we’re all confused, no idea how I got this role. And I asked the director, and he said it was because ages ago I had read for a Rice Krispies commercial in which there was a kid talking to Snap, Crackle & Pop. They heard that and thought it was a perfect voice for Pop, and that’s how I got it. I got the role without ever technically auditioning for it."

Dino Andrade hinted that he’ll be voicing more characters in future World of Warcraft expansions, but couldn’t go into anymore details. He also stated that his dream role would be something in Star Trek:

"Star Trek is a show that for me was life-changing. I was four when the show premiered and have grown up with Star Trek all my life and it changed everything. Here I was, the little Mexican kid in the Airforce community, felt very much like the outsider. And here’s this show that showed all of these people of all of these different colors and shapes and so on saying in the future we’re going to explore the stars and that was incredibly inspiring. So much so that this afternoon I met Nichelle Nichols for the first time and almost cried. It said we had a future and we’re going into this future together. And I knew I wanted to be involved in great works of imagintion at that point and that’s why I became an actor."

We’d like to thank Dino Andrade for giving some of his valuable time to us and of course the Dragoncon staff for setting up the interview in the first place. We still have more interviews from Dragoncon coming your way this weekend so stay tuned!

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